The contest has started, and it is entirely live broadcasted !
You can follow the live broadcast by following the link bellow, or by clicking on the button !

The Organizers’ word

After our 1st adventure in November 2021, a new edition of the Antibes International Tuba/Euphonium/Saxhorn Competition will take place the 10th, 11th and 12th March 2023.

The energy impulsed in the 1st edition has allowed this young competition to grow:

Organized by the Brass Band Méditerranée, it was only natural to add a new Saxhorn category, bridging the gap between the basses and the flugelhorn.

The jury has also grown new personalities, internationally renowned, under the presidency of Steven Mead, are joining the initial members of the 1st session.

New categories were born: the « Tempi » categories are dedicated to our young Brass musicians, who will benefit immensely from this unique experience, and from the opportunity to listen to the undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional musicians competing in higher categories.

This event will allow the candidates to perform in front of a very keen jury and audience, in a beautiful auditorium. They will be able to listen to candidates coming from all walks of life.

However, we are maintaining, from the 1st edition, the joy, friendship, discovery and sharing that unites us all around our common passion: music, tubas, euphoniums, and saxhorns.

The event will last 3 days and will include: the competition, time to meet other participants as well as members of the jury, concerts, workshops, and a masterclass.
The presence of our partners and sponsors offers everyone the possibility of trying out instruments, mouthpieces and various musical material.

The competition will be entirely filmed.

This event is possible thanks to the never-failing support of Mme Marguerite Blazy, the Conservatoire delegate at the town council, and the mobilization and motivation of the Conservatoire and its director: Noël Bianchini.