Applications are open until the 14th of Februrary 2023 included. They are managed through the « HelloAsso » website (links for each level bellow).  

« Tempi » category :

LargoUnder 11 years old Candidates born after 01/01/2012
AdagioUnder 13 years old Candidates born after 01/01/2010
ModeratoUnder 15 years old Candidates born after 01/01/2008
AllegroUnder 17 years old Candidates born after 01/01/2006
PrestoUnder 20 years old Candidates born after 01/01/2003

« Superior » category :

Up to 25 years old included, candidates born after 01/01/1997

« Excellence » category :

Up to 30 years old included, candidates born after 01/01/1992

There is a limited number of contestants per category.
Applications are registered by order of reception from the opening date and limited by the quota defined by the organiser.
These quotas can be modified by the organizer for organizational reasons, as such, the organizer has the right to cancel an application in the case of a change of the quotas. In such case, the tuition fee will be entirely refunded to the candidate.

No applications will be accepted after the 14th Februrary 2023.

Access to the Opening concert and the “Finale” of the competition is free, limited only by the number of seats in the auditoriums. Each candidate can save their seat (reservations open on the 15th februrary 2023).

The piano accompaniement is compulsory for each round, appart from the 1st rounds of the « Excellence » and « Superior » categories.
Candidates can perform with the pianist of their choice. They can also be accompanied by the competition’s pianists, in which case they will be given a time slot to rehearse with the pianist.
Registration fees include the piano accompaniement on the day of the competition and for the rehearsal.
The candidate can ask for a 2cd rehearsal, however this will be under the terms of the accompanist, and dependent of his/her availabilities.